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Most Advanced Mobile Virtual Reality Glasses

With videos, pictures and games on your phone displayed in a fully immersive 120° wide view, this advanced VR glasses feature a non-spherical optical lens to avoid distortion and a semi-transparent window to achieve augmented reality effect. This is the only mobile VR device which can be worn with glasses and has a built-in high definition headphone with volume control button.

The options to adjust diopter, pupil distance and focal length help in avoiding dizziness.

It also features a capacitative touch button to control the screen which is fully compatible with Google Cardboard 2.

These features, combined with a remote control pad make this the most advanced Mobile Virtual Reality glasses ever.

1. Compatible with all phones upto 6” screen size
2. Capacitative touch button to control options on screen
3. 120° wide viewing angle
4. High Definition adjustable Headphones built in
5. Buttons to adjust Volume and Diopter
6. Adjustable Pupil distance and Focal length
7. Non-spherical optical lens
8. Uncommon stylish design
9. Deluxe ultra soft padding for comfort

Size : 22.0 x 19.0 x 12.0 cm
Weight : 440g
Available Colors : White

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