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Wireless Era

Get the Samsung Iphone Wireless Charger | Power Bank Wireless.

In a world full of smartphone and gadget addicts, choosing an apt gift has become rather simple. A device that can make smartphones run anytime and anywhere, can be a present that would be loved by all. We at Genesis believe that gifts should be something that is useful and worthy. In this era, wireless chargers and power bank wireless can be lifesavers. We at Genesis Print On Demand offer you a huge variety of chargers that can work as both Samsung and iPhone. Our range are pocket- friendly. Whether at the office or while traveling, after receiving such a gift from you, your loved ones will always remember you for your thoughtful present.

Genesis offers a huge variety of wire less accessories. Unique charger with a digital clock is something that will look a class apart. Chargers with classic timepiece will amaze you with their utility. Genesis also offers a pen holder and USB Output. The AC vent holder are something of great use. The beautifully Business Gifts designed variety will look perfect as a gift and, their utility is not at all questionable. The UFO-shaped Bluetooth speaker is a perfect pick for any desk. Its black finish makes it even better. Not only the chargers, but the power bank by Genesis are also an apt gifting option. The Variety at Genesis is designed to look perfect as a present and, their functionality is no less than any other power bank. Our Bubble Blitz is an 8800 mAh power bank wireless with a light-up logo.

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